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Free your healthcare data

At Projective Software our goal is to allow customers to access their electronic health record data without constraint. Our solutions allow historical data access through a content management platform and universal HTML5 viewer, which integrates with modern EHR platforms. Legacy EHRs that contain the Legal Medical Record (LMR) can be decommissioned through our services, and should you would wish, we can give you a simple patient- or encounter-level PDF/TIFF extract with discrete data.

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Integrate With Modern EHRs

Improve physician satisfaction and eliminate the need to access your legacy systems. Our universal, single sign-on HTML5 viewer can be accessed directly from desktops, mobile devices, or through many common EHRs’ context sharing capabilities, including Cerner PowerChart.

Reduce OpEx

No need to continue maintenance on a legacy EHR after a successful legal medical record data migration to our DistillEHR solution. We allow you to cancel your existing legacy EHR maintenance contracts and offer flexible pricing models to achieve the desired ROI.

Control Your Legal Medical Record Data

Systems can be down, data unknowingly deleted or altered, and vendors charge for extracts that may be needed for audits, divestitures, or litigation. With DistillEHR we can provide a patient- or encounter-level extract at any time in an open format, such as PDF or TIFF, to be utilized by you in an unrestricted way.

Auditing & Security

Our solutions provide role-based access control to medical records and a full access audit log. We leverage AES 256-bit data at rest encryption and 2048-bit SSL for data transport.

Flexible Hosting

We offer a number of options for hosting the DistillEHR solution. These include a cloud-hosted and customer-hosted model based on costs and needs.

Eliminate Legacy EHR

With all of your historical legal medical record data in DistillEHR, decommission your legacy EHR with the associated infrastructure and maintenance contracts. Minimize physician sign-ons and disparate systems. Further leverage the investment into your current EHR and integrate your historical data seamlessly with DistillEHR.